SuSe 8.1 Installation

David de Groot david at
Sun Dec 1 00:54:09 CST 2002

On Saturday, Nov 30, 2002, at 22:18 Australia/Adelaide, Simon Lahiff 

> PS - Is there a logical reason as to why SuSE do not
> just provide ISOs?

Yes. SuSE put a lot of effort into compiling one of the most 
comprehensive distributions available. They sell that distribution on 
CDs, however, because it's all GPLd they also offer it for download as 
one big lump (or you can ftp install it from there).  There is however, 
nothing saying they have to provide ISOs, but there's nothing saying 
you can't copy someone elses ISOs either.

Unfortunately, here in Australia, the SuSE distribution is hellishly 
expensive to purchase every 6 months or so when they release a new 

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