Syslog remote logging

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Wed Feb 14 11:59:42 CST 2001


It looks like this is partially what you want to do:

1) Syslog Server

On the main machine where you start syslog (the one you want the
messages to be sent to):

 - start syslog with syslogd -r
 - this causes syslog to listen on its default port (514/udp)

You have to do this before it will work. You may want to fiddle with the
actual /etc/rc.d/init.d/syslogd script to force it in.

2) Local Client

These are the machines where you want the messages to be sent to the
above machine. You have to adjust its configuration file,
/etc/syslog.conf:	@syslog.server

Of course, it would probably be wise to restart syslog once you've
adjusted it. I'm not sure whether syslog reads its configuration once at
startup or every time it logs something. I suspect only once.

I'm not certain how you would convince syslog to log these messages to
local using syslog alone. I've experimented with adding a "comma" after
@syslog.server and a local file, and a "colon" and a local file and it
doesn't want to work.

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