Werner Icking bicycle accident

Alan Kennington akenning at dog.topology.org
Tue Feb 13 23:53:32 CST 2001

This hasn't hit slashdot yet.

The news has come through that Werner Icking died on 8 Feb 2001
while riding home on his bike:


His home page is here:

He has had a very large amount of involvement in 
free music software for linux:

Apart from being very sad that someone can make such a huge
contribution to the free software world and then be killed
in a bicycle accident, it raises the issue of what happens to
copyright etc. when an author dies.
At least his software will be a memorial, I guess.

By the way, I used to live in Bonn too.
He was in Sankt Augustin, a suburb on the other side of the Rhein.
The photo on the newspaper site shows woodland very similar to
woodland that I used to walk along.

Alan Kennington.

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