ppp annoyance and some general questions.

David Lloyd lloy0076 at rebel.net.au
Wed Nov 8 17:45:03 CST 2000


> first and foremost, check call waiting status with *#43# if its on, turn it
> off with #43#. If a call tries to come through, the connection is killed
> immediately.

I guess people snoop whether he's online and call him after 20 minutes..

> if this fails, try using a modem init string, go to
> http://www.modemhelp.org/inits/ to find an init string for your modem.

I have serious doubts whether this would actually fix his problem.
Besides, he really doesn't give enough information to actually pinpoint

> If all else fails, switch ISP. I work on the arcomnet help desk and we all
> use linux ourselves, rather than some trained up support person in a
> malaysian call centre, we might be able to help.

That's not useful. I've dealt with ARCOM.NET.AU and they're Linux
support is, at best, woeful. Maybe I've dealt with the wrong person or
said things the wrong way, but tough - I was working on behalf of one of
their customers and all I got was impoliteness and a "we won't help
attitude"...I obviously didn't get you :-)

> as for a text book, a goon one i have is "A practical guide to Linux", by
> Mark Sobell. Foreward is by Linus himself!


> its a great book, not distro
> specific. the dude who wrote it comes from a unix background, and has
> written books on unix and linux. have a look in "the bookshelf" opposite
> adeliade tafe in the city, they have a few copies of it in there.

It seems to be a reasonable book. I've seen it myself. Although I'm
tempted to label people who call people "dudes" "idiots" I am going to
resist despite the fact it may be true [1]. You are talking about "The
Bookshelf" near IdiotLink. Quite a good shop, nonetheless I think that
Netcraft (who happen to sponsor LinuxSA) may stock this book too, so it
would be worth supporting them first...


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