ppp annoyance and some general questions.

James Mclean jamesmc at tne.net.au
Wed Nov 8 16:57:39 CST 2000

first and foremost, check call waiting status with *#43# if its on, turn it
off with #43#. If a call tries to come through, the connection is killed
check if there are any other phone devices using the same line, if there is,
unplug them and try again, weather ther are in use or not. so only the modem
is connected.
if this fails, try using a modem init string, go to
http://www.modemhelp.org/inits/ to find an init string for your modem.
If all else fails, switch ISP. I work on the arcomnet help desk and we all
use linux ourselves, rather than some trained up support person in a
malaysian call centre, we might be able to help.

as for a text book, a goon one i have is "A practical guide to Linux", by
Mark Sobell. Foreward is by Linus himself! its a great book, not distro
specific. the dude who wrote it comes from a unix background, and has
written books on unix and linux. have a look in "the bookshelf" opposite
adeliade tafe in the city, they have a few copies of it in there.

james mclean
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From: Damien Byrne [mailto:dbyrne_it at yahoo.com]
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Subject: ppp annoyance and some general questions.

Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with an annoying problem I
have with my ppp connection.  I can dial into my ISP fine with Kppp
with only the occasional glitch in connecting (when connection fails,
it usually works fine next try).

The problem is that after being connected to the net for a while
(usually between 20-40 minutes, and different each time) the
connection's performance will suddenly and rapidly slow down to

This happens regardless as to whether I'm using Konquorer or
Netscape, and once it's happened, all Internet activity is effected
(ftp, mail. IRC, everything).  The only thing that seems to fix it is
closing the connection and redialling, no reboot, just reconnect.

Would anyone have come across this problem before and have a
solution, or alternatively know of the tools and procedures required
to debug/troubleshoot this annoyance.  Links to good resources

I'm currently running Mandrake 7.2, but the problem has occurred with
7.0, 7.1 and RedHat 6.1 (although less frequently).

Connections under Windows 95/98 have been trouble free (for the vast
majority, which makes it a bit more annoying).

Also my ISP is iPrimus, who have told me that Linux is unsupported by
them, so I really need to see if it is my setup that is the problem
before wading in with them.

As for my general question it relates to textbooks.  What would be a
good set of texts for someone who knows the basics of Linux but would
like a further->professional reference for Linux (definitely) and
perhaps other UNIXs as well (be really nice).

I'm specifically looking for textbooks that tell you how to
configure/setup/maintain systems without being too distribution
specific with perhaps some general info.

Eg rather than having:

   "Redhat has many tools that make setting up routing a breeze"

I'd rather:
   "UNIX routing is achieved by setting up routing tables.  These
tables are usually at XYZ but some useful tools to help are PQR."

(Note: please don't criticise my knowledge of routing, 'twas an
example of style only) so that I learn about UNIX administration in

I'm currently after - Linux Unleashed 4th edition, Maximum Security
Linux & The UNIX System Administration Handbook 3rd edition.  Would
this about cover it?  Any advice?

Thanks for putting up with a rather long post.

Damien Byrne
Cardiac Surgery Research
Flinders Medical Centre

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