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dgtlHUMAN tumor at
Sun Aug 29 14:37:52 CST 1999

Ok heres the situation: Having trouble with my LAN.

I have one freeBSD box down in my basement, with a ppp connection.
i have one Linux box upstairs in my comfy room. (with a WINMODEM unfortunately).
So i set up linux to use the Gateway "" [SDF]. that is the internal IP 
and hostname of my downstairs box. I couldn't get much info about how else to go about this.
Is there some extra configuration i need to do in Linux?
And as for the freebSD box, i put "gateway_enable = yes" in my rc.conf file.  also i compiled the kernel with IP forwarding and IPfirewall. I type in "pppd" to connect to the internet. so is there something im missing?

has anone got a cimilar setup? freebsd box as gateway for an intranet? having trouble ....
leaving in few days for school .... any help appreciated. 

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