Rearranging Hard Drives

Jake Hawkes jake at
Tue Aug 24 16:30:37 CST 1999

David Lloyd wrote:
> 2) If I were to switch my CD drive (currently /dev/hdb) with my
> secondary slave (currently /dev/hdd), would linux (and for that matter
> BSD) automatically work out what I'd done or would I need to make the
> /dev/hdb and /dev/hdd devices again. If I needed to remake them can
> someone give me pointers as to how?

Linux (and unix in general I believe) will autmatically set /dev/hd* to
the right devices. The only thing you may find is if you've written any
"dodgy" scripts that access /dev/hdb directly. (like c programs that are
hardcoded to open() /dev/hdb cause thats the CD...)

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