BSDCOMP (pppd option)

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Mon Aug 23 14:14:28 CST 1999

In my conf.modules file there is:

   alias ppp-compress-21 bsd_comp

Which is a bsd compression module. It loads quite well as attested to by
my /var/log/messages. The man pages for pppd state that:

deflate n1 n2
  uses the deflate package 

and that a similar option exists for

bsdcomp n1 n2
  which uses the bsd style compression

The man pages state that out of either one, pppd by default will choose
to use deflate.

Therefore I added:

deflate 15
bsdcomp 15

Which works fine except for one huge problem. I am reasonably certain
that uses FreeBSD as its base operating system. When I
have the bsdcomp option within my /etc/ppp/options file,
simply freezes *all* data. However, when I remove it the data comes
through quite well.

I wonder whether this is a bug on my side, or a bug on their side. I
suspect that what's happening is that are trying to translate
a bsd_comp type compression, whereas either

a) my compression is faulty
b) my compression has defaulted to deflate 

And therefore it claims there's no data becuase it can't actually decode
what's being sent through. I wonder if anyone can see anything obvious
which I've missed out.


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