ALI15xx IDE Chips

Benjamin Close linux at
Wed Aug 18 17:49:08 CST 1999

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, David Lloyd wrote:

> Does anyone know of any patches to get the UDMA with the ALI15xx IDE Chips
> working with Linux 2.2.xx? My BIOS will work my larger hard drive as an UDMA
> drive (or whatever it is), but it's detecting an Ali15xx which isn't compatible
> with the Ali14xx support that does exist.

David, the following refers to development kernels...

>From cuttingedge:

* IDE ALI M15x3 chipset support added. 

>From the kernel Help:

 This driver ensures (U)DMA support for ALI 1533, 1543 and 1543C         
 onboard chipsets.  It also tests for Simplex mode and enables           
 normal dual channel support.                         

So if you want the support you'll have to use a development kernel.
I suggest 2.3.5 as it was very stable for me and was the lastone before
they started major FAT filesystem changes. Anykernel after that can't
write to a FAT partition. (2.3.13 can read from one though).


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