August LinuxSA meeting

David Newall davidn at
Mon Aug 16 20:25:50 CST 1999

Hi all,

* Free Magazine
* AUUG Winter Conference
* Free Unix Install-fest
* Adelaide AUUG Chapter
* Reminder: Meeting at Adelaide Uni this month

I'm going to be giving away some magazines at this months LinuxSA meeting,
courtesy of AUUG Inc (The Australian Unix and Open System Users Group.)
There are some interesting articles in it: a discussion of the free BSD
Unixes; a look at Apache's success; and how to be a lazy Sysop.

There's also a registration form for AUUG's Winter Conference, which is
going to be held in Melbourne in a few weeks time.

Eric Raymond, the man who wrote the "Cathedral and the Bazaar," which
encouraged Netscape to open-source it's browser, and which was discussed
in the infamous Microsoft Halloween documents, will be a keynote speaker.

Other invited speakers will include Adrian Cockcroft, who is perhaps the
world's foremost expert on tuning Unix.  Andrew Tridgell, the author of
Samba, will be there; as will Theo De Raadt, who created the OpenBSD
project.  Our own Robert Hart, who now works as Director of Support
Services at Red Hat, and Jon "Maddog" Hall, the Executive Director of Linux
International, will also both be there.

There's a big lineup of papers covering a range of topics.  If you want to
know about performance tuning, or FreeBSD, or XML, or AWT and JFC, or
Samba, or CORBA, or Linux, or cryptography, or writing secure software, or
embedded systems, or Oracle on Linux, or TCL, Tk and Scriptics, or managing
open source projects, or Jini, or internet censorship, or, well look,
everyone who attends will get something of immense value from the
conference.  They are always well worth going to.

Perhaps of special interest to LinuxSA will be the install-fest...  "Always
wanted Linux installed on your PC, but just couldn't quite get it to work?
Bring your PC along, and draw on the collective consciousness gathered at
this session to solve your installation woes."  Copies of Redhat Linux,
OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD will be available for installation.  Entry is
$10 to cover cost of room hire (free to conference or tutorial registrants.)

I'll also talk briefly about the (re)formation of an Adelaide chapter of

Catch you Tuesday night...  Remember this month the meeting is at Adelaide
University, not at Compaq.



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