What linux should I get?

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Sun Aug 15 21:31:52 CST 1999

MIG wrote:
>  Hi ppl
> I wanted to get a copy of linux but since I am new to linux not sure what
> should I get. Getting RH6.0 seems kinda scary cause many problems posted
> here are about "I had RH5.2 and it worked and when I installed RH6.0 I got
> .... error"
> RH6.? was $100+ last time I checked!!!
> I only need to compile C programs and do word processing. Maybe go on the
> net occasionaly.
> Is it worth getting RH6.0 or 5.2 will do for my needs.
> Or maybe I should  get some other distro?
> than in advance for not flaming me. :)

RH 6 users have noticed a difference from rh 5.2, a natural progression
that results in those annoying error messages that you have read about.
apc mag puts out the EXCELLENT linux pocketbook, and their new relase of
it will contain rh 6 (the early edition was rh 5.2)..at $15, quite good
value. the advice and instructions here make setting up and
configuration very easy for the novice:)
for what you want to do, it sound slike rh5.2 OR rh6 would work...but i
like rh6...rh 6 contains a gnome/enlightenment configuration, with kde
menus..to my mind (and imho only!!) the best of all worlds:)
for office needs, staroffice can be excellent, is free for personal use,
highly compatible with microsoft products, and can be as slow as the
proverbial wet weekend...
gnome and kde have their own office suites being worked atm, and the
word processors are worth looking at, as are the spreadsheet programs.
also, look at abiword for word processing. assess your personal needs
before you decide:)

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