Linux networking....

Tim Ansell ansell at
Wed Aug 11 18:13:17 CST 1999

Hi i'm having problems with linux's networking.
Up untill now everything has been working fine, but all of a sudden ping
times have gone from under 200ms all the way up to 200000ms!

I know it has to do with the linux computer as the router which it is
connected to still get under 200ms pings. The router is connected to the
linux computer via a UTP cable.

I have tried replaceing the UTP cable and the network card, motherboard slot.

If i restart the network interfaces the ping times go back to normal.
It only ever happens on the network interface connect to the internet (i have
tried changing the interface still the same)

Does anyone know what is up?

The linux box is
The router is

The linux box is running kernel 2.2.10 (compile by myself) on a redhat 6.0
It has 5 rtl8139 network cards. The module is compiled into the kernel and
there are no messages about the network cards in the log files.


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