Netscape Startup Page (Still!)

Julien Gibson Julien.Gibson at
Mon Aug 9 23:50:24 CST 1999

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to me, but unfortunately
it's not quite as simple as the Edit - Preferences setting.  Whatever I
put in this box, I still get the same Redhat Thankyou Page.  If I rename
that file, I get an error message when Netscape starts that it can't
find the file.  I am beginning to think it is hard coded into the
Netscape executable that comes with Redhat 6.

While it would be nice to get around this problem in some fashion
approaching simple, my low tolerance for annoying software quirks has
led me to completely remove all traces of Netscape, and download and
install a fresh version.  Needles to say, the problem is now gone.

Thanks again


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