Linux PPC mounts hack challenge as MS fails to tempt crackers

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Fri Aug 6 16:33:31 CST 1999

I saw this elsewhere - I thought people might be interested ;)


Posted 05/08/99 3:59pm by Tony Smith

  LinuxPPC mounts hack challenge as MS fails to tempt crackers

  Mac-oriented Linux distributor LinuxPPC has responded to Microsoft's
challenge to the cracker
  community to break into Windows 2000, with a contest of its own: break
into a standard LinuxPPC
  1999 install and win the Power Mac it's installed on. 

  To date, 5669 people have tried to break into the server, which even
has Telnet activated "to make
  things interesting", according to LinuxPPC's Jeff Carr. So far, no one
has managed to bypass Linux's
  security systems. 

  That's in marked contrast to Microsoft's challenge, which pits a
Windows 2000 Beta 3 Web server
  against all comers. According to US newswires, the server fell over
almost immediately -- without
  third-party intervention. 

  Microsoft has been posting server status logs, and these revealed a
reboot because of a full system
  log. It also showed some services were no longer available after the

  According to the wires, Microsoft blamed the outages on technical
difficulties caused by storms in the
  Seattle area. Round one of the cracker challenged clearly goes to the
weather, then. 

  Not that many real cracker seem keen on the challenge -- not only is
there no prize for a successful
  hack, but many people disregarded Microsoft's challenge as a cynical
attempt to get some testing
  done for free.
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