Need Enlightenment

Brian Astill brian.astill at
Wed Aug 4 18:50:39 CST 1999

Thought I'd try Gnome.
Unfortunately Enlightenment couldn't initialise im (whatever).
The problem appears to be a missing /etc/im_palette.pal.
I can't find this file anywhere on my system, no is it listed in the SuSE
disk contents list.  Of course, in either case, it could be embedded in a
.gz or .tar file (I don't want to grep inside all archives in five CDs just
to see if this might be the case!).

Can anyone offer a clue where I might find the missing im_palette.pal file?

Q2.  I need to use some stats programs eg SPSS, Wesvar, HLM, Streams.  Are
there Linux alternatives or ports available?


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