Ethernet card setup

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>Thanks for the tip. The bootup errors disappeared and cat/proc/ioports
>confirmed that the card had been probed at the card's hardware address
>reported in Windows. The only trouble was when I tried to use my browser
>afterwards it dialled in OK but could not find the proxy for my isp and I
>couldn't close the browser normally. When I removed the etho address in
>conf.modules my browser worked normally and my isp was accessible again.
>Thanks again.

That sounds to me like a routing problem. Sounds to me like there is a
defaultroute set up and when you log in it doesn't delete that default route
and add the new one to your ISP. When you are connected to the Internet, and
it it not working, type in "route -n" and copy the results. Do the same when
you remove eth0 and send both set of results to the list.


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