eBay ripoff of OpenOffice?

Ian ilox11 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 17:08:24 CST 2007

My sister is trying to get a copy of MS Access so her business
program can operate as it requires this horrid program. So she
sends me to eBay to check what reads to be a great alternative to
paying big buck for the MS product. And if you read the blurb
that is exactly what this products supposedly does.

"Open Office Ultimate 2007 Full, Windows/Mac/Linux
 Item number: 300111672868"

Hmm, till you look closer and it seems to be just like
OpenOffice, and a closer look shows that the graphics titled
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc are directly linked to and
downloading from www.openoffice.org.

His wording is very misleading, the title is deliberately aimed
at letting buyers think it is the same as the MS Ultimate Office

"Open Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office productivity
suite. It is compatible with all Microsoft Office files and meet
the same standards of quality. You can open, edit and save
Microsoft Office files - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, you
name it. The buttons, menus and toolbars are extremely similar to
Microsoft Office, so there's virtually no learning curve. In
addition to those 4 softwares (the equivalents of Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Access), you also get a powerful drawing software
(like Visio) and a mathematical software (like Microsoft Equation
Editor, in fact much better). It also has a built-in
comprehensive Help function (user-manual)."

Yes, he is charging people for downloading a free product, and he
is claiming that it is all legitimate. Now to me his claims are
full of .... hot air. OOo is simply not the MS-compatible product
that he is claiming it to be. I have used it as my office suite
for years and it is not fully compatible. So how can something be
done to stop this shyster operating? Is there a way that a
Consumer Affairs department could cramp his style?

Technically, is he doing wrong by the GPL to provide a means for
people to gain access to the OOo product?

Is he doing wrong according to the OpenOffice organisation's rules?

So if he is doing wrong what can be done about him?

Cheers, Ian
"Don't worry about the world ending today.
 It's already tomorrow in Australia." ~ Unknown ~

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