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  From: Damien Byrne <>
  To  : Illusion Weaver <>
<> Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:10:11 +1030

Re: tux = khttpd?

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:09 pm, Illusion Weaver wrote:
> Hi all!
> I want to run small and fast webserver for serving pictures. My frend
> recommended TUX. I 've runned it on a test box - it rocks! But I wonder
> if tux and khttpd are the same thing ( or tux is only a user interface to
> kernel web server)? And I wonder If I have to compile the kernel with
> khttpd if I want to use tux?
> Can someone clear this out.
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No, they are different things.  From what little searching I've done, it seems 
that TUX is the one to go for.  Here is a small excerpt from the LWN kernel 
newsletter (

The future of in-kernel web servers. Some recent discussion on troubles with 
khttpd, the in-kernel web server which has been present since the early 2.3 
days, led to the statement that khttpd would soon be removed from the 2.5 
series. khttpd has a number of happy users, but it has been essentially 
unmaintained for a number of years, and it has been superseded by Ingo 
Molnar's TUX server. So the kernel developers see little reason to keep it 

The more interesting question, perhaps, is whether TUX will take the place of 
khttpd. There appears to be little consensus on whether TUX should go in or 
not. Some developers are worried about the impact of the TUX patch, while 
others claim it affects little other code. It is not clear how much of a 
performance benefit TUX really provides - some user-space web servers are 
said to be getting quite close to TUX in speed. And, of course, a number of 
people feel that an application like a web server has no place inside the 
Linux kernel. 

Servers like TUX and khttpd remain interesting as a demonstration of how to 
create the shortest, fastest path between the network and files on a disk. 
Chances are that TUX will find its way into a mainline kernel sooner or 

Hope that is informative.

Damien Byrne
AKA - Tsujigiri

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