LinuxSA is a User Group dedicated to the dissemination of information and assisting users in understanding and using Linux. If you are interested, you can join the LinuxSA mailing list by following the instructions on the mailing list page.

Linux is a un*x-type operating system which has been developed from the ground up through the co-operation of a large number of developers over the Internet.

It is, in my opinion the best operating system ever to be created. Best of all it is covered by the GNU Public License which means that it is FREE!

For those who don’t know what Linux is visit the Linux Page.


LinuxSA has come into existence with the following guiding principle:

“To promote and support Linux in South Australia”


LinuxSA is intended for anyone and everyone. I hope that there will be particular interest from professionals who use any of the Unix variants, students, or people who just want a REAL Operating System or Internet machine.

The good thing about Linux is that anyone can use it. The User Group LinuxSA is for anyone of any skill level. Anyone from the novice to the seasoned professional are quite encouraged to come.


LinuxSA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.


LinuxSA currently meets at Flinders University, Tonsley Campus.