LinuxSA at Tonsley

Tuesday 20th September was the first meeting held at Tonsley campus of Flinders University. We kicked off the with a tour of the site and new buildings, followed up with dinner catered from the onsite cafe. Progressed to the main lecture theater with a discussion of all the things.

From the discussions, a couple of themes arose. These covered: the introduction to FLOSS in education – specifically earlier in education rather than later at University – would make a big difference especially with something like the One Geek Per Classroom approach, bootstrapping your learning about Linux on a VM and getting to know what Linux can do on your local network at home or work. Then a discussion about further topics such as web serversĀ  in small business.

So the outcome is we are putting a series of talks together about how to get started with Linux. Next month we will cover getting Linux running on your current platform, so you can gain confidence and move on to more complex problems. Check back soon as we will be posting the details for the October meeting.